Meet Kaity Brawley

Kaity has been documenting weddings and events for the past five years. Utilizing both medium format film and digital photography to capture the raw emotion of a wedding, Kaity’s attention to detail is unrivaled. A true artist, Kaity draws inspiration from all things beautiful and strives to provide a seamless and calm experience for the clients she serves. Kaity’s work has been described as timeless, natural, and romantic.

I want to tell your story

She believes in the importance of her craft and providing excellence in her work. In doing so, she shoots a limited number of weddings each year. Kaity has been published in world renowned magazines and blogs such as Martha Stewart, Brides, The Knot, Green Wedding Shoes, Ruffled, and is always working to provide an unforgettable experience for her clients.

For the COUPLE whose heartS beat for sweet romantic moments. For the COUPLE THAT dreams of having honest, timeless images from THEIR wedding day. For the COUPLE who wants THEIR wedding lovingly photographed by someone who knows THEM well.

A Note from Kaity

I truly believe in the power of a photograph to preserve a moment and bring back beautiful memories. It’s my aim to create images that will be passed down and cherished through generations. While most modern wedding photography is rooted in photojournalism, I would not call myself a photojournalist. Directing, styling, and curating are integral parts of how I compose a wedding story. I hold myself to the highest standards in the industry and am always looking for ways to elevate my client’s experience.



Kaity works seamlessly alongside her husband and best friend, Alex. With a background in Engineering, Alex brings big picture thinking to a wedding day, perfectly complimenting Kaity’s detail-oriented mind. Working to tell the overarching story of the day, Alex second shoots alongside Kaity throughout all events. During moments when all eyes are on a single camera, Alex will be found tying bow ties, fluffing dresses, pinning boutonnieres, and helping the day feel as effortless as possible for their couples.

Alex and I are high school sweethearts and are pretty inseparable. We grew up together – with our cameras in hand - and photographing together comes second nature to us. I feel lucky that we met so young and have already spent so much of our lives together. I sometimes still can’t believe that we get to live this life and do what we love together every day. When we’re not working you can almost always find us working in our garden, traveling, or playing with Samson.

Our Story

In a Few Words


Art history
Interior design

Favorite treat is bananas
Afternoon naps in the sun


The Kaity Brawley experience is more than digital images. It's an enduring part of your legacy.
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